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Every morning a blogger or webmaster loves to check their website statistics. Tracking website statistics is a daily habit of webmasters and bloggers. Ever tried to track visitors but worried about the reports accuracy? Today I will be writing about most accurate website statistics tracking sites for your website visitors.

When I started with my website I always used to share my content in social medias and wonder if too many visitors are in my sites. I was unknown about tracking options out there. Google adsense used to be my tracker for views. If you choose to go with google adsense then that is not the right way. If someone have javascript disable in their website. Adsense ads are not loaded and it does not count as a view. Some may have ad blocks. Sometimes ads may not even loads due to slow connection. Maybe your ads are at the bottom of the page and no one scrolls to bottom when they are visiting your sites. Google adsense shows views as per their ad has been viewed. They can not be used to check website statistics.

Many reasons are there to affect accuracy of tracking if you choose to track your website statistics with google adsense.

You might be wondering why I am providing example with google adsense when it comes to track website statistics. Most of the beginners are unknown about other great tools actually. They may have been facing problem with other tracking option ( mostly while implementing codes ). Beginners are always beginners right? So we blog to help them.

So let’s get started with our website statistics checker to estimate website visitors easily.

There are lots of tools out there but what I mention will be the most wanted tools with feature and why it is important. Quality matters.

Checking Website statistics is like having coffee for bloggers, webmasters and online marketers.

Best website statistics checker for website visitors

Website statistics tools mentioned below are most popular and recommended tools. They do not bring any negative impact to your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is most popular and recommended tools for online bloggers and webmasters to check website statistics. This is a powerful tools out there and it gives accurate reports about your website. Everyone trust google because of their useful products. This tool helps you to track website visitors, their behaviour and referral sources. They have many other useful options to get details about your website. You can track the real time visitors in google analytics. This tool helps you to track visitor location with the device operating system and browsers.

Google analytics helps user to differentiate between new visitors and returning visitors with their behaviour so that you can make changes in your website to bring them all back.
It’s very easy to use google analytics in your website. If you are very beginner then you may face problem while inserting tracking code. Tracking code is a javascript provided by analytics for your website. This codes helps you to track everything.

You can either put the code in in-line format to your website or simply call the file with php include function.

Note: Implementing Analytics code before other body content is always better. Do not implement Analytics code from different account. Analytics codes from different account to single website does not works.

Steps on implementing Analytics for website statistics

  • Login to your Google Analytics
  • Create property for your website
  • You will get the tracking ID and code
  • Copy the tracking code and follow any one of the 3 ways
  • Paste the code in all your pages

Rather than pasting code in all pages you can simply create a php file in text document and save as filename.php ( .php ) extension for php file.

  • Once you have copied code to .php file
  • Edit your pages and insert  <?php include_once("filename.php") ?> after <body>
  • Be sure you have common include where you insert the above include code else you will need to paste them manually.

For example if you have a php template of body section for whole website, call the analytics file on it so that whole website will use the file while calling your body template.

I recommend google analytics to track website visitors or to get accurate website statistics everyday.

Analytics for wordpress user has been so easy by using analytic plugins.

Track website using Alexa

Alexa has always been all time best tool for webmasters. Alexa is an amazon company and it has been helping webmasters with their tools to track analyze and improve website.

This is a great tool to track your website ranks and visitors source. What I love most about alexa is they can show your rank number in global and even country. You can even tracks keywords which are driving traffics to your website through search engines.

Alexa rank helps to identify how popular your website is. They have lots of tools for paid users. Their tools can help you to optimize your website for search engine. SEO is most important step to take if you want high traffics. If you want to know how many quality backlinks you have got. Just try Alexa and you can track everything.

They provide 7 days free trial so that you can experience the best tool.

To start tracking your website you need to certify your website with alexa.

  • Sign up for alexa
  • Add an Alexa certify code to every page of your website
  • Click “Scan My Site” button to check if the code is installed properly

You can see changes in alexa after few hours. If everything is great, alexa will start to track the status of your website.


Easy ways to check website statistics to estimate website visitors for wordpress users

If you are a wordpress users and do not want to edit code. There are lots of plugins out there to track your website. As I already mentioned analytics plugin to track your website does not requires any coding knowledge.

Analytics is a most use tool for everyone but beside analytics if you really want to use any other plugin. Jetpack is a most powerful and recommended plugin. Jetpack tracks your website, landing pages, referral source and search engine traffics. It also protect your wordpress website from malicious attack and blocks the spam comment if akismet and jetpack plugins are used altogether.

Jetpack also comes with other tools like related post, comment system, social share etc. These tools can help you to increase website engagement easily. Single plugins can help you to check website statistics and increase website engagement.
Above tools are best for accurate reports of your website. There are other tools to track your website visitors or to check website statistics of real time or past. Good practice on these tools will surely help you to get more relevant reports. You can even check your website statistics online without using any codes to implements or anything. But those results are never accurate.

Checking website statistics has never been easy with such great tools from great and trustable companies.

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